Hey Tribe,

We will be working outside today. (I just checked the weather, we should be good.) For the workout, we will be dividing the class up into two teams. You will have three “stations” within your team. First will be a sled push, second is a 100 meter weighted run, third is a 200 meter run. The first person starts with the sled push and when complete, moves on to the weighted run. After their teammate completes the sled push, the next member can push the sled and so on. Once a person gets through the sled push, weighted run and run, they will go back into line to push the sled. Although you can have more than one teammate on the weighted run or run, only one person can pushing the sled at any given time. This workout will benefit a bigger class. So call up your CrossFit friends and coordinate a class to be at.

“Family Feud”

Class Divides Into 2 Even Teams:
50 Meter Sled Push (90/45)
100 Meter Wreck Bag Run (50/35)
200 Meter Run