Today we will be focusing on our Muscle Up and Pull Up skills. Although the programing shows a focus on Muscle Ups the coaches will be directing individuals on what movement they will practice based on their current strength. Typically an athlete needs to show proficiency in the Pull Up and Ring Dip prior to attempting Muscle Ups. The reason for this is that there is certain amount of strength that is needed to protect the athlete’s shoulder during the movement. In leu of muscle ups, individuals can work on their pull ups and ring dips.

For the workout today we have a 14 minute hard cap. In addition to the programmed work athletes will be performing three box jumps every minute, including at the starting buzzer, until all work is done. Athlete’s should consider setting a minute rep goal that they work to perform prior to doing the box jumps. Athlete’s should pick a weight on the push press and DB lunges that they can perform 10 reps of unbroken.


ON A 10:00 RUNNING CLOCK… Muscle-Up Development



9 Muscle-Ups (Ring or Bar)

50 DB Suitcase Reverse Lunge (50/35)|(35/25)

7 Muscle-Ups (Ring or Bar)

50 DB Push Press

5 Muscle-Ups (Ring or Bar)

*At the top of every minute, including at 3,2,1 go, perform 3 Box Jumps (24/20)

-14:00 Time Cap-