In this longer EMOM today, we are looking for 30-45 seconds of work each minute. Although this will seem easy in the beginning, things may get a bit nasty at the end (Watch out for the front rack hold). We have several different options for the Gymnastic Pull. You will get to choose which option is right for you. We can scale calories on the bike if need be to keep the work under 45 seconds. Your goal today will be to find a weakness in your pull and attack it. Have fun!



MIN 1 – 15/12 Cal Bike

MIN 2 – Gymnastic Pull of Choice*

MIN 3 – :30 Double KB Front Rack Hold (Athlete Choice, Heavy)

*Options for Gym. Pull… 5-10 Ring Rows, 5-10 Strict Pull-ups, 5-15 Kipping Pull-ups, 1-2 Legless Rope Climbs, 2-3 Rope Climbs