Today is a grinder. The main goal for all athletes today is to hold your pace throughout. Just about the time you get tired on a movement, you will be changing to the next one. As you can see, the work halves in the second half the the workout. This is designed to allow you to continue pushing forward. Can you hold your first half pace in the second half?

While you are letting your heart rate come back down, you can work on the finisher. Should be a good pump for your arms, back and glutes. Weight is as heavy as your balance will allow.



1000m Row

800m Run

80 Double Unders

40 Single DB Step-Ups (50/35)|(35/25)|(24/20)

500m Row

400m Run

40 Double Unders

20 Single DB Step-Ups (50/35)|(35/25)|(24/20)

-24:00 Time Cap-


10/10 Single DB Bent Over Row
10 Strict Hanging Knee Raise
30 Glute Bridge-Ups