After our 3RM attempt in the front squat yesterday, we have a nice workout designed to get our legs flushed out. The workout is designed to very easily be modified for recovery if need be. The goal today is sustainable work over 20 minutes without redlining our heart rate. The row should be a moderate sustainable pace. This may require some modification of the calories. when we get to the burpees on the snatches, the burpees should be performed at a spread pace. The snatches are meant to be touch and go, no singles, so modify the weight appropriately.



MIN 1 & 2 – Row 500/400m

MIN 3 & 4 – 12 Burpee Over Bar + 6 TNG Power Snatch (115/75)|(75/55)*

*Power Snatch must be performed Unbroken & Touch-N-Go in sets…either 6 UB, 3/3, 4/2. No singles.