Today we are looking ate getting comfortable with the longer rep scheme in the front squat. First in the strength portion, we will establish a 10RM Front squat on a 15 minute clock. This is not only a physical strength test, but also a test of mental toughness. For the workout today, we will be looking for a weight that we can perform the first set of 20 unbroken. This is meant to be challenging so you should be looking for a fight here. From there, you can add weight for the subsequent front squats as the reps decrease. Today is about volume not load so lets keep that in mind as we work through both portions.



Establish 10RM Front Squat*

*Max 2 attempts at 10RM


20 Front Squat (135/95)|(95/65)

40 Sit-ups*

40 Plate OH Step-Back Lunges (25/15)|(15/10)

15 Front Squat (155/105)|(115/75) 30 Sit-ups

30 Plate OH Step-Back Lunges

10 Front Squat (185/125)|(135/95)

20 Sit-ups

20 Plate OH Step-Back Lunges

10 Front Squat (185/125)|(135/95)

*GHD Sit-ups Optional

**For the Plate OH Lunges, Plate must be held OH at extension.

-16:00 Time Cap-