The strength work today should be thought of as more of an extended warm up. The load is meant to be moderate, not a 5 rep max test. We just want to take some time working technique at a load a little heavier than we will be doing in the workout.

Our workout today is a beefed up version of the CrossFit original “Amanda.” Both of the movements in this workout today are high skill. The power snatch weight is moderate, something you can do the rounds of 11 and 9 in nor more than 2 or 3 sets. Modification will be available for both movements from the coach, so don’t let either movement intimidate you today.


3×5 Power Snatch*

*Today’s goal is to hit 3 moderate sets of 5 at the same weight across. No misses and perfect mechanics. This is not 5RM.


Power Snatch (135/95)|(95/65)
Bar Muscle-Up

-15:00 Hard Cap-