For most of the gym today, the workout should be treated as recovery. Tomorrow we will be hitting the Open workout, 20.3, which will be announced Thursday night. When it cones to recovery, we want to make the focus on moving through multiple ranges of motion and breathing well. If you are not planning hitting the open workout tomorrow, you can get after this one today, increasing the intensity with each round. There should be some time after class today to focus on mobility and foam rolling.



750m Row

75 Single Unders or 50 Double Unders

25 Box Step Overs (24/20)

25 Slam Balls (30/20)|(20/10)

10 DB Devil’s Press (35/25)|(25/15)

10 Tempo Ring Rows (1111)

-At least 1:00 Walking Rest b/t Sets-

-30:00 Time Cap-