Today is all about getting more comfortable with the skill of double unders. After warming up, we will take some time to drill the movement then move into a skill practice session. During the practice, if you are currently proficient with double unders, then go ahead and take some practice with triple unders. Otherwise just stick with getting better at linking up those doubles. For the workout, the focus will be to link up large sets of double unders under a high heart rate. For the row today, the pace should be sub 2:00/500m on all the rows. This means coming in under 4:00 on the 1000m row, 3:00 on the 750m row and 2:00 on the 500m row. If you are not yet proficient at DUs we will offer up some suggested times for practice inside the workout.



MIN 1 – Double Under or Triple Under Practice

MIN 2 – Row 200/150m



1000m Row

100 Double Unders

750m Row

75 Double Unders

500m Row

50 Double Unders