Today’s workout is a couplet of Squat Snatches and strict pull-ups. The rep scheme and lighter barbell today should allow us to move with some intensity. That being said, that lighter barbell should keep the focus on moving well with good mechanics. As the for the strict pull-ups, we want to choose a movement that keeps the rest to a minimum. All sets should be done in 1-2 sets max. The finisher will be 125 cals on the bike with a partner. While partner 1 works, partner 2 rest. A good goal would be to knock off 10 or so cals each time you are on the bike. We are looking forward to seeing our next Open Workout released tomorrow.




Squat Snatch (95/65)|(65/45)

Strict Pull-up


IN TEAMS OF 2… 125 Cal Bike*

*P1 works while P2 rests. Partners can alternate as needed.