It is Thursday of the Open and Thursday’s are designed as “Active Recovery” workouts to prepare us for the Open workout we will be doing tomorrow. For more information on Active Recovery, please refer to Derek’s Instagram story. Today we have two sections. First is a skill focused workout. The skills that we will be working on today are the Turkish Get-up and Muscle/Up or Double Under practice. Although this practice was meant to be for Muscle-ups, if you need the practice in your DUs, you can work on them in this time as well. The workout today is a perfect example of a recovery type workout. It is a mix of mono structural cardio movements (running, rowing, biking) that are meant to get you heart rate up and get you a bit sweaty with some simple movements that are not near muscularly taxing but allow you to work through multiple ranges of motion. If in recovery mode, focus on your heart rate and breathing today. If you feel like getting after it, bring up the intensity and see what happens. How you attack this workout, recovery versus intensity, will depend on how you feel and whether you want your body ready for a demanding Open workout tomorrow.


E2MOM x 12

MINUTES MIN 1 & 2 – 3/3 Turkish Get-Up
MIN 3 & 4 – Muscle-Up Practice/Attempts or Double Under Practice/Attempts


400m Run (or 2:00 any Mono Mov’t)
30 Air Squats
30 Sit-Ups
400m Run (or 2:00 any Mono Mov’t)
30 KB Swing (53/35)|(35/26)
30 Plate Hops
400m Run (or 2:00 any Mono Mov’t)
30 Slam Ball (20/15)|(15/10)
30 Lunges

*At a Moderate & Smooth Pace Throughout