Today is our last recovery Thursday of the Open Season. As always, if you are planning on bring it in Friday’s Open workout, today you want to focus on managing your intensity with manageable sets each minute as well as technique and full ROM. If you are not on the normal Open schedule and want to bring it today, this workout is designed in a way to bring up the intensity. Be sure to check out mains Thursday night to see what Dave Castro has in store for us this week.



MIN 1 – Row for Cals

MIN 2 – AMRAP of 2 Hang Muscle Snatch + 2 OHS (45/35)|(35/15)

MIN 3 – Hollow, Superman, or Plank Hold

MIN 4 – DB/KB Filly Lunge (Light, Athlete Choice)*

MIN 5 – Slam Ball (30/20)|(20/10)

MIN 6 – Walking Rest**

*In DB/KB Filly Lunge, L-arm extended for rounds 1 & 3 and R-arm extended for rounds 2 & 4. Athlete can use any combination of equipment for the Filly Lunge or use Double KB or Double DB.

**During the walking rest…walk, breath, and recover.