Today we will be hitting the first strength session of our front squat cycle. The format is the same as the Push Press on Monday. The workout is a triplet of bike-lunge-bike. You will have three sets with a time cap of 3:30. After completion of each set you will take a 1 minute rest. Choose you weight wisely for the front rack lunges as you will need to go unbroken.


3×5* Front Squat

*Set 1 – 65% x 5 Set 2 – 75% x 5 Set 3 – 85% x 5+

5+ means athlete performs max reps at that weight with the goal of at least 5.

14/12 Cal Bike

14 Front Rack Reverse Lunge (115/75)|(75/55)

14/12 Cal Bike

-1:00 Rest b/t Sets- *3:30 Cap for Every Set