We have a very big workout for you Thursday. With high skill movements and a heavy weight on the deadlift, there is no where to hide. We want to start with a solid pace on the box jumps, 5-6 seconds max per jump. Note that the rep count increases by 10 every round. The strict pull-ups and pressing movement should be something that you can do in 2 sets max. Finally the Deadlifts. These are meant to be heavy and intimidating today. Heavier than you have lifted in a workout. You should be questioning things when you step up to the bar, but be able to grip and pull the three reps as singles. These reps are not meant to be Touch and Go.

5 Box Jumps (30/24)*
9 Strict Pull-Ups
12 HSPU or Seated DB Strict Press
3 Deadlifts (AHAP)

*Box Jumps go up by 10 each round (5-15-25-35)