Our strength portion is the Push Press today. Things are going to get heavy with your last set approaching your current 1 RM. This is the final week of the current cycle for this movement and next week we will be testing our 1RM Push Press. The workout is a burner with lots of DB cycling. It is a double AMRAP with one minute of rest in-between. That is not long. Your goal is a minimum of 1 round a minute. This will go quick and should be a great overall workout!


5-3-1 Push Press

*Set 1 – 70-75% x 5

Set 2 – 80-85% x 3

Set 3 – 90-95% x 1+

1+ means athlete performs max reps at that weight with the goal of at least 1. Retest of pure 1RM will happen next week.



2 DB Devil’s Press (40/30)|(30/20)
6 DB Push Press
8 DB Alt. Suitcase Lunges

-Rest 1:00- Repeat!

*Pick up where you left off in the second AMRAP. Score at the end of the workout is one number for total rounds & reps.