The strength session today with the Front Squat mimics our Push Press form earlier in the week. Just as with the Push Press, this is the last week of the cycle in the Front Squat and next week we will be testing our 1RM. Your goal in that last set is to get 2-3 reps. The workout is gonna be fast today. With a 10 minute cap, we should be seeing some pretty quick times. To get this done, we will need to minimize rest, keeping bar in your hand as long as you can. In the round of 30, we are looking for 10+ reps in a set. In the round of 20, 5+ reps. Modify appropriately. We want everyone under the cap today.


5-3-1 Front Squat

*Set 1 – 70-75% x 5

Set 2 – 80-85% x 3

Set 3 – 90-95% x 1+

1+ means athlete performs max reps at that weight with the goal of at least 1. Retest of pure 1RM will happen next week.



30 Front Squat (135/95)|(95/65)

30 C2B Pull-Ups

20 Front Squat

20 C2B Pull-Ups