Today we will be working with the Kettlebells. Starting out with a skill session, we will be practicing some movements that we don’t get to do much in the gym, the KB clean and KB snatch. The workout is going to be SPICY. Lots of RKBS with some box jumps mixed in. The goal will be to have the Box Jumps done in 20 to 30 seconds so that we have 30-40 seconds to work on the KB swings. Gonna be a great Saturday to get a sweat on before the start of your weekend.


2/2 Single Arm KB Russian Swing

2/2 Single Arm KB Clean

2/2 Single Arm KB Snatch

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

*Start light and build every other set. Goal is to perform unbroken. For the clean & snatch, bell comes from the waist.

150 Russian KB Swing (70/53)|(53/35)*

*Every minute, including 3,2,1 go…perform 10 Box Jumps (24/20). Standard for Russian today is eye-level and only slight bend in the elbow.