We will be kicking off our Tuesday with a couplet of Bike/Row, KB swings and weighted lunges. Don’t let the simple look of this workout fool you today. If you are getting after this one, it will be difficult. Use the warm up to find a challenging number of Cals to work for in each of the four rounds. Goal for the swings and lunges will be to hold on and work for the whole minute. We will be following the workout up with a couple fo tabatas to challenge your core strength.

2:00 Max Cal Bike

1:00 KB Swing (53/35)|(35/26)

1:00 KB Goblet Lunges

-1:00 Rest b/t Sets-

(Score is Reps)



:20 ON / :10 OFF

TABATA 1 – Hollow Hold

-Rest 1:00-

TABATA 2 – Deadbugs

*Complete all 8 Rounds of T1 then transition to T2.

(No Measure)