Today we have one of my favorite style workouts. EMOM with three different movements, that bring a combination of strength and skill. Your first minute will be building to a heavy 3 with the hang power clean. Our second and third minute will be T2B and HSPU. We want to be sure to pick and number her that is challenging and we can finish in 2 big sets. Once we have completed that workout we will tackle a finisher that will sure to “finish” off you arms and core with bent over rows and flutter kicks.



MIN 1 – 3 Hang Power Snatch (Building)

MIN 2 – 9, 12, or 15 Toes to Bar

MIN 3 – 9, 12, or 15 Hand Release Push-Ups

*Athletes can choose which rep scheme they follow in the bodyweight movements. Power Snatch starts light then can build every round or every other round.

(Score is Load)


12 Barbell Bent Over Rows (Moderate)
1:00 Hollow Flutter Kicks

(No Measure)