We will start the day with an extended warm-up that allows us to make dig into the bear crawl and up down. We are looking to push the pace on the workout today. There is some built in rest so when you are working, we want you to be moving. Note that it will be your choice on two of the five rounds to perform 30/30 reps of the slam balls and lunges. The cals will stay the same.


50′ Slow Table-Top Bear Crawl (aka Quadruped)*

*5 Strict-Up Downs after each set.

1 Rep of Strict Up-Down is…

1 Air Squat Down

1 Sprawl Back to Plank

:01 Pause in Plank

1 Sprawl Up to Squat

1 Air Squat Up

(No Measure)

20 Slam Ball (20/10)

20 DB Suitcase Lunge (35/20)|(20/10)

20/15 Cal Bike

-Rest 2:00 b/t Sets-

*Athlete must pick any (2) sets of the (5) total and perform 30 reps of the Slam Ball & 30 reps of the Lunge. No change to Cals. For example, athlete can choose Set 1 and Set 3 for the 30/30 or Set 2 and Set 5 for the 30/30 or any other combo. The three remaining sets are performed as written.

(Score is Total Time)