It has been almost exactly three years since my ex wife asked me for a divorce.  I very much remember everything about the evening, where I sat, what she had said and all the feelings and emotions that came rushing at me.  It was, unequivocally, the worst day of my life.  Following the announcement, what happened next was the panic and worry.  How am I going to pay my mortgage?  How am I going to make the payment on my truck?  Will I have to spend the rest of my life working countless hours just to get by?  How am I going pay her for her half of the house and pension?  I had also realized that when she walked out the door, I had not just lost my partner, but a business that we grew together as well as the money that business brought into our household.  In that moment, it felt as the world around me was crashing down.  

Years since then, I have realized that what had happened that day needed to.  That moment set forth a chain of events that has led to significant personal growth.  That moment was a contraction.  Contractions have to happen in life.  They are a necessary component of growth.  For example, when we exercise, we have periods of growth, followed by something in the “biz” we call a “recovery period.”  We all know when we hit the wall and our bodies can’t put out the effort and energy we could just a week or two ago.  At that point, we will go into a recovery week, where we take some time to scale our efforts back focusing on moving well and healing.  After that period of time is up, we can begin to ramp up our effort often finding that we make significant gains.  That recovery period or contraction was necessary to make those gains.  If we had not allowed that to happen, we would stagnate and burn out.

Since that period of my life, I have learned to welcome, not to be fearful of the challenges put before me.  I appreciate my failures for the lessons they teach me.  I look forward to the weeks where my body says it can’t give me the effort I am asking for because I know in a short period of time, I will be making PR efforts.  I embrace difficulties in the relationships in my life because I know that there are important lessons in love that are being learned.

We are in a spectacular period in history right now.  The contraction occurring now will affect almost every person on this planet.  Although we can not control the events that have caused this contraction, we can control our response.  Some will lose their jobs and businesses, some their homes.  Many will not be able to live the lifestyle they once found comfortable and easy.  Life will go on however and there will be massive opportunities for growth for those that are ready. – Coach Brandon