It has been almost exactly three years since my ex wife asked me for a divorce.  I very much remember everything about the evening, where I sat, what she had said and all the feelings and emotions that came rushing at me.  It was, unequivocally, the worst...

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Are you a Green Circle or Red Square?

Good day Armati Tribe. If you have been in the gym during the past week, then you likely noticed the newest graphic up on the message board (see image below). What's up with that? Well, it's funny you should ask. This is our latest and greatest technology known as the...

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WHAT IS IT? The #800gChallenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eat 800 grams (g) of fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, per day.  No foods are eliminated, but only fruits and veggies count toward the 800g. Eat the fruits and veggies of your choice. Hit the...

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