Training to build your strength and momentum means you’ll push the boundaries of any previous limits, and you can’t do all that on your own. Our box offers you supportive coaches and the best community in which to test yourself daily, regardless of your current age, experience or skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced CrossFitter, you’ll have all the support you need until you’re ready to move on to a new level of personal fitness. We’ll scale it all to your individual needs and goals, so you’ll never be pushed before you’re ready.


CrossFit is a fitness program that has practical application. Everything we do in the gym is functional because it mimics movements that we make in everyday life. As a result of CrossFit training, our members are able to sustain their health and fitness over the long haul.

CrossFit incorporates weightlifting, gymnastics, and sports conditioning. These three domains allow us to create an endless variety of workouts, ensuring that fitness never becomes boring or repetitive. CrossFit’s constantly varied program makes being fit fun and our members look forward to coming to the gym each day. In addition to the psychological benefits of a varied program, the constant change in our workouts creates change in our bodies. We achieve a total fitness because of the variety of ways in which we train.

CrossFit workouts are generally short and performed at a high intensity. High intensity is a relative concept. No matter your fitness level, we are able to scale all of our workouts so that all people are able to train at a level that is challenging, yet still enjoyable for them. This high intensity training means your body is always adapting and will continue to get stronger and faster.


Our Modus class is an 8-week, action-packed burner without the barbell. This 45-minute, coach-led class is tailored to your fitness level, and provides a fun, clean, and friendly atmosphere for a total body workout. Our movements are targeted to burn fat, tone muscles, and increase your core strength. We understand trying something new can be unnerving and intimidating, but we guarantee all your fears will be put to rest as soon as you walk into your first class.

Modus is required for anyone new to CrossFit. Completion of an 8-week Modus program is needed to graduate into our CrossFit group classes. Modus is a Latin word translated as “method” or “way.” In each class, you will learn about the foundational movements of CrossFit as well as gain a better understanding of the methodology behind our program design.

Our absolute highest priority is making sure you learn and execute all movements safely and efficiently. You can be confident we will not push you to the next exercise until we make sure you are ready. You’ll never need to worry about the risk of serious injury because CrossFit Armati will teach you every proper movement and lift before we increase intensity or add weight.


Strong is the new sexy. That’s why CrossFit Armati now offers the Fortis Strength and Skills class. Fortis is a Latin word translated to mean strength and power. That’s exactly what we’re developing in this awesome new addition to the Armati arsenal.

Fortis is perfect for the person looking to hone in on strength gains, break through plateaus, dive deeper into skill development or simply wanting an alternative to mix in with the high intensity CrossFit classes during the week.

You won’t be gasping for air at the end of Fortis classes. Three days per week, we will be focusing on percentage-based lifting cycles designed for maximum gain with minimal volume. You will gain phenomenal strength that will translate over to your CrossFit workouts as well as daily life. Fortis programming also spends more time on skill progressions for movements like double-unders, pull-ups, muscle-ups, rope climbs and handstand push-ups.

Are you ready to get stronger than you have ever been and finally toss those skinny jeans aside? Fortis class at CrossFit Armati is where you need to be.

Armati Nutrition

The best workout in the world won’t work without the right nutrition. We’ll help you find the right diet for your body type, goals, and particular health needs. If you’re struggling with certain health issues, or even if you feel “perfectly healthy,” nutritional guidance is critical to your success in fitness and health.

Personal Training

Our personal training sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals—whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or are an experienced athlete looking to become a more well-rounded athlete via specialized, individual training.


Learn to “stretch with purpose” in our mobility classes. This class is designed to help you improve mechanics and perform basic maintenance on yourself – including recovering from high-intensity workouts, managing soreness and achieving better positioning. Discover the powers of foam rolling, self-myofascial release, PNF, trigger points, self- massage, stretch band work and more to become a better athlete.

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