WOD for 1.4.2020

Today we will be repeating one of our previous Open workouts with 20.5. This is a “Choose you own adventure” kind of a workout. This work is provided with Ring Muscle Ups, Rowing and Wall Balls. At 3,2,1 GO you choose how you want to get it done. You have...

WOD for 11.8.2019

Today is our last CrossFit Open workout. 20.5 is……. Muscle Ups and Wall Balls. Here we go!! For time, partitioned any way:40 muscle-ups80-cal. row120 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball to 10 ft. Time cap: 20 min.

WOD for 11.7.2019

Today is our last recovery Thursday of the Open Season. As always, if you are planning on bring it in Friday’s Open workout, today you want to focus on managing your intensity with manageable sets each minute as well as technique and full ROM. If you are not on...

WOD for 11.1.2019

Today will be CrossFit Open workout 20.4. The workout will be announced Thursday evening, so please go HERE to see the details.

WOD for 10.31.2019

It is Thursday of the Open and Thursday’s are designed as “Active Recovery” workouts to prepare us for the Open workout we will be doing tomorrow. For more information on Active Recovery, please refer to Derek’s Instagram story. Today we have...